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How do I know that my essay is plagiarism-free?

All honest essay writing companies guarantee plagiarism-free works. If they don’t you should think twice before working with them, they can be scam companies. There are many free tools for checking your essay for plagiarism in Internet. You can use any of them, for example

What is the minimum price for quality essay?

A reputable writing service is never cheap, so any website that offers essays for a price lower than $19.99 per page should be perceived with suspicion. You can read more useful tips in our Beware section.

How my teacher can find out that I use essay writing service?

Your teacher can’t find out this unless your work is not original or plagiarized. You should also remember that if your average level is D or C and suddenly your last essays were A, it can raise suspicions that you use someone’s services.

If I don’t like my essay what should I do?

If you don’t like your paper you should ask writing service to rewrite it. Most legitimate writing services provide a revision option and you can usually ask for revisions without any problems. All additional revisions are usually free and unlimited within 10-14 days after first receiving your completed essay.

Most writing services discuss their revision policy in their FAQ’s so be sure to check it out. You just can’t change the original details that you submitted with your assignment or have a request that goes against the website’s policy. Just read reviews, feedbacks and find quality essay service that would write you a good paper from the first time.

I don’t want to pay before actually getting my essay. Can I pay for it after my teacher checks it?

It depends on the writing service. Some companies provide their customers a free, 1-2 pages snippet before paying for the whole paper. If you like it, the writer will continue. Some writing services provide you with a draft of your work only after you already paid for the whole paper. However, this is so you can review it and ask the writer to make some amendments or corrections. But some writing services just don’t have either of these options.

I’m last year student from USA and I can write good essays. I would like to work as freelancer. Is it safe to work with essay writing companies?

Good writing services hire professionals to work for them who have writing experience. When applying for the job, writers should provide a resume, pass an English language test, and write an essay sample. Every applicant should also have a college degree. When the writers just start working, the company only lets them write easy or short papers before they can fill more complicated orders. Some writing services also place their writers’ resumes online. The main point is that you should choose good company, you can find out how to choose essay writing service on our forum.

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