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How to avoid scam companies

If you are looking to buy an essay, dissertation paper, term paper or any other type of academic paper, you will be faced with a large number of options in the form of online writing services. This is a reason to be careful, because not only there is a difference in the quality provided by different services, but there are also scam companies that will only take your money and never deliver the paper, or deliver a worthless piece of plagiarism that would get you in trouble with your professor.

How can you know if the writing service you choose is a reliable company that will deliver what’s been promised?


Tips on how to reveal a scamming company

Identifying a professional writing service from a scamming company can be very difficult, because the websites of all these services look decent and make believable promises. Many students have found themselves in problems with dishonest writing services, and everyone is wondering how to identify a company that delivers top quality at affordable prices. These are the points you should pay attention to:

1. The service you decide to use has to provide papers that are 100% free of plagiarism. Anything less than a completely unique paper is unacceptable. The papers provided by the service should also be free of grammar mistakes, which will prove that educated professional writers have been working on them.

2. Look for competitive prices! A reputable writing service is never cheap, so any website that offers essays for a price lower than $19.99 per page should be perceived with suspicion.

3. The protection of your privacy is extremely important. If an online writing service asks for your personal information, you should find out why they need it and what they are going to do with it. There are many online scam companies that are collecting personal information of Internet users only to sell it to other companies that use that information for marketing purposes.

4. If the website of an online writing service you are considering is full of ads, you should continue your search elsewhere. There are many websites that collect their earnings from advertising; and if the website of an online writing service features ads for competitive services, there can be no other explanation – that’s not a reliable writing service!

5. Trust only a service that guarantees full refund in case you are not satisfied by their work or they don’t deliver the assignment on time. Check for users’ reviews and see whether some clients of the service have used that feature and if there are any complaints of students being ripped off their money.

6. Test the service’s support team. If you notice that they answer your messages late, or they don’t answer them at all, that is an indicator that the service doesn’t have a reliable support system and doesn’t care about the needs of its clients.

Conclusion: Beware with your choice!

When hiring an online writing service, you need to realize that the risk is always there. You should read all info provided on the website, but you should also search for reviews from real users, which will prevent you from giving your money to a scamming company.
In such case, you will not only look bad in the eyes of your professor and get poor academic grades because you failed to deliver the paper, but your money will also be wasted.

Depending on its length, the paper you are ordering can cost you more than $200, which is a significant amount for a student. This is why you need to be very careful when choosing a custom writing service. By following the tips provided in this article, you will be able to identify a really reputable company and end up satisfied with the results.

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